Each rider is required to raise a minimum of $1,000.00 by May 1st, 2012 in support of the Mothers’ Day Bike Challenge. But we invite everyone to leave that minimum in the dust and set high fundraising goals for themselves. With a little effort $3,000 is a challenging but realizable target. With a little more, $5,000 is completely doable.

All funds raised through the Mother’s Day Bike Challenge will go to support the maternal health projects managed by the International Development and Relief Foundation (


Once registered, all riders are expected to set up a Giving Page on to help with fundraising and to keep track of donations received. These pages are easy to set up and make fundraising much easier by giving you a personalized donor page to which you can direct friends, family, coworkers, and wealthy philanthropist acquaintances.

Make sure to set the “International Development and Relief Foundation” as the charity you’re raising funds for!

Once you’ve created and personalized your giving page, start sending the link out with a personalized request for donations to all of your contacts.


1.  Make a list of all contacts: family, friends, coworkers, faith communities and
congregations, neighbours, employers. Leave no stone unturned!

2. Set a challenging but realizable goal for yourself. If you set your target at $2,000, $1000 will come all the more easily.

3. Organize your materials. Make sure your Canada Helps page is set up and personalized and carry around your Mother’s Day Bike Challenge pledge forms at all times. Download your pledge forms here: MDBC Pledge Form

3. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Map out how you will reach your goal and break it down into manageable chunks. This will help make the task less daunting and will also help you strategize about the people you will approach for donations.

So, if you’ve set your goal at 2,000$ consider
breaking it down in one of the following ways:

Scenario 1: 10 donors

1 x $500

2 x $250

3 x $200

4 x $100

Scenario 2: 105 Donors

5 x $100

10 x $50

20 x $25

50 x $10

Scenario 3: 55 Donors

30 x $25

25 x $50

4. Ask the right people to donate the right amount. If someone is able to give 100$, but you only ask for 10$, you’ve the lost the potential of that donation and fundraising will be that much more difficult.

5. Generate interest in your campaign but giving regular updates over facebook and twitter on your training schedule and on maternal health information. You can learn
about the global context of maternal health here.

6. Consider setting an example to your sponsors by digging deep and giving a larger scale donation. If you give $100 or $200, it will give you all the credibility to ask
for a large donation from others.

7. Make sure to send big thank yous to each person that sponsored you as soon as you
find out that they have. Don’t wait – it’ll be easier to forget!

8. Consider organizing an event to raise funds for your ride. How about one of the following ideas?

i) Bake sale

ii)  Raffle or 50/50 drive

iii) Coffee House – invite your artistically talented friends to come together for an informal evening of music, tea, coffee and desserts, and charge an admission fee.

iv) Corporate sponsors – approach your employer or local businesses to see if they’ll agree to match the donations you receive. The worst they can do is say no

v) Change Jar – Put a jar out at work or at your place of worship and ask everyone to put any loose change they have in their pockets into the jar.

vi) Garage sale – just in time for spring cleaning! You could even ask friends to donate items for the sale!

vii) P-A-R-T-whY? Because I GOTTA – host a party and charge for admission.

9. Get started! Don’t hesitate and be confident! It may seem like a lot of money to
raise but with some resolve and some determination you’ll be surprised how quickly
it can come.

If you need support with your fundraising or would like advice on how to host an event, the FAM Campaign is here to help! Do not hesitate to contact our team!